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This document will guide you how to install any Jumazi Joomla template into your server 

How to create a Joomla quick start package

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Make a copy of your website.

  1. Make a copy of the entire website you want to turn into a quickstart package - including the folder itself and everything inside it
  2. Rename the copy of the folder to something like abc_quickstart_package - or any other name you want
  3. Check the exact Joomla version on the website that you want to make a quickstart package for example the website might be, Joomla 3.4.1
  4. Get a copy of the installation folder inside the Joomla 3.4.1 Joomla! folder that you can download from
  5. Copy that installation folder to your folder, (the abc_quickstart_package folder) you just created
  6. Delete the configuration.php file from inside the abc_quickstart_package folder
  7. You still need to add your exported database file inside the installation folder, you will do that later



  1. Go to phpMyAdmin to export your website database.
  2. When phpMyAdmin is open, select the name of your database from the list of databases Then click the Export tab, in the window that opens, click on the Custom - display all possible options radio button and click the Select All option under the Table(s)
  3. Now you can click on the Go button to export the database.


Open your exported database in a plain text editor or some other suitable software. Coda2 is used in the example screenshot but TextEdit on OSX or NotePad on Windows would be OK.

Select your table prefix, for example, xyz_ and paste it into your find field. Then in your replace field enter #__ (notice there a 2 underscores). Then click the Replace All button to replace all instances of xyz_ with #__. Save your file as sample_data.sql.

Inside your abc_quickstart_package folder go to the installation/sql/mysql folder and open it. You can delete all the files except joomla.sql. Now copy your sample_data.sql file into the folder.


That's it. You can now zip the abc_quickstart_package if you want to install it online and it's ready to go.
However, you should test your work first so it's a good idea to intall the quickstart website locally first.